As an information technology allrounder, you get various opportunities in different industries and fields. Employees these days are looking for young professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge which you earn in this master’s degree with the unique spotlight model of combining the domains of Computer Science and Business Administration.

  • Profound knowledge in a 1,5 year Master Degree Program on an international level in SAP®, Software Engineering, IT Quality Engineering, Information Management, and Data Science
  • Two practice-oriented core areas provide you with additional specializations and attractive career prospects
    • ERP and Analytical Systems
    • IT Quality Management
  • Focus on management skills and leadership
  • Focus on practical oriented experience and learning
  • Designing innovative products, Internet-of-Thing applications in Smart factories with SAP, ABAP development for SAP Systems and design thinking

You will be the specialist for the interface between business ideas and the professional implementation of information and communication systems for the optimization of economic processes.

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