To keep-up with the aggressive pace of collaborative research between IIT Indore and TU9 institutions, the second IIT Indore – TU9 research workshop was organized at IIT Indore on 5th and 6th October 2017. This workshop highlighted IIT Indore’s past year’s collaborative output with seven of the nine TU9s.

The workshop had forty participants out of which about half were external participants. Besides the eight TU9 participants, there was representation from the German Embassy in New Delhi, DAAD Delhi, IIT Mandi, and IIT Ropar. The workshop consisted of four different tracks as follows: introductory, scholarships and posters, technical sessions, and future of this collaboration.

Shikha Sinha from DAAD Delhi apprised the audience about multiple funding opportunities for IIT Indore faculty members as well as students in separate sessions. Both these sessions were very well received with attendance crossing more than hundred participants.

The heart of the workshop was highlighting the research output from the existing collaborations between IIT Indore and TU9 institutions. In this respect, the sessions were conducted under three streams: application, experimental, and theoretical.

Two sessions were devoted towards expanding the IIT Indore - TU9 collaboration to the young IITs - TU9 collaboration as the future direction. One was the Skype call on Oct 5th between IIT Indore, Universität Stuttgart and IIT Mandi. IIT Ropar was a special invitee for this. The other session on Oct 6th was a group discussion between all the participants of the workshop.