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Germany welcomes record number of Indian students in 2018-19

Germany more attractive than ever – Indian student numbers touch a record high

Indian student numbers in Germany continue to be on the rise. The number of Indian students in Germany has almost doubled in the last five years.

The latest figures released by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany reveal the following:

  • The number of Indian students in Germany has grown by 18.44% over the last year and stands at 20,810 (Winter Semester 2018-19). The total number of international students in Germany has grown by 5.3%. The rate of growth in the number of Indian students going to Germany is almost four times that of the global average.
  • Indians form the 2nd largest group of international students enrolled at German universities (Bildungsausländer).
  • Subject fields: Engineering: 70%, Mathematics and Natural Sciences: 12%, Law and Social Studies: 13%, Other: 5%
  • Enrolment according to the type of HEI: Universities: 64%, Fachhochschulen (Universities of Applied Science): 34%, Other: 2%
  • M/F Ratio: Male: 72%, Female: 28%

Source: Bildung und Kultur: Studierende an Hochschulen, Statistisches Bundesamt

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