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Four Projects from India get Funding under the “UAS.International” Programme

Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW/FH) are highly regarded in Germany and around the world, especially for their practical orientation. To support these in enhancing their international standing further by establishing cooperation projects with international partners, the DAAD has come up with the UAS.International programme.

Four of the projects being funded under this scheme are with Indian partner institutions:

  1. “SPItzE“ between Hochschule Aalen and Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Kochi. The other partner countries are USA and UK and the period of funding is 2019-2021.This project has been selected for Module A
  2. ”Wegbereiterkonzept HTWG Konstanz“ between Hochschule Konstanz and Jagran Lakecity University (JLU). The other partner countries are Vietnam and South Korea and the period of funding is 2019-2023. This project has been selected for Module B
  3. “Internationalisation at Home” between Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences and Symbiosis International Deemed University. The other partner countries are Argentina, France, Columbia, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, and USA. The period of funding is from 2021-2022. This project has been selected for Module A
  4. “Frankfurt UAS_Asien-Afrika-Pipeline” between Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Rajagiri School of Science and Technology. The other partner countries are China, Ghana, and Japan. This project has been selected for Module B

The programme aims to strategically anchor and sustainably implement the internationalisation process at all university levels and across all member groups, i.e. students, instructors, researchers and administrative staff.

In recognition of the heterogeneity of the UAS landscape in Germany, the DAAD offers four different modules which can be used individually or in combination.

  • Module A: Projects for exploratory and preparatory purposes
  • Module B: Implementation of model and cooperation projects with international partners
  • Module C: Individual scholarships for study visits abroad, foreign research visits for thesis completion, and participation in foreign congress and fairs, as well as a targeted marketing campaign
  • Module D: Consultation, continuing education and exchange of expertise

The UAS.International programme will achieve its optimal impact once all the modules are fully implemented.

Students are encouraged to share their experiences gained during individually funded study visits and internships abroad with peers at their home universities and put this experience to use for international university-based and practical collaborations.

Universities are encouraged to actively use all the offered modules in combination in order to advance their internationalisation efforts and to increase their educative, research-oriented and innovative potential.

Team DAAD wishes the institutions success in their endeavours.

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