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Transnational Education: Insights into the international Discourse and global Trends

Wednesday, 18.11.2020, 17.00 -18.30 IST (WebEx)

India’s New Education Policy creates for the first time the legal framework for international universities to open campus in the country. Over the last months there have been intensive discussions on transnational education in India. But how is the approach of international education providers to this topic? During this event two international experts will provide an insight into the international discourse and global trends on transnational education.

John McNamara, Global Head of Research, International Education Services, The British Council, will present his views on the main findings of the report “‘Transnational Education: A classification framework and Data Collection Guidelines for International Programme & Provider Mobility (IPPM)”, as well as provide an update on recent TNE policy developments and global trends, including recent development in India. The report was co-authored by John McNamara and Dr. Jane Knight jointly commissioned by the British Council and the DAAD.

Dr. Alexander Kupfer, Senior Expert, Transnational Education, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will give an insight into the transnational education approach of German higher education institution and will present selected TNE projects funded by the DAAD.

Register here: https://bit.ly/3eIYcay

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