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Double Degree / Joint Degree and Cotutell Programmes – Indo German Perspectives and Approaches

The DAAD hosted a virtual meeting with deans and staff of international offices at Indian and German universities to discuss legal aspects of university cooperation on the 17th of September 2021.

The virtual meeting aimed to initiate a discussion on legal and administrative challenges in establishing double and joint degree as well as cotutelle programme at master’s and PhD level with an international partner university.
International double degree / joint degree and cotutelle programmes are an integral part of the ‘Internationalisation of Higher Education’ and ‘Transnational Education’ worldwide. They have been implemented by German universities at Bachelor, Master and PhD level with partners worldwide.
However, compared to other regions in the world such programmes with Indian higher education institutions despite having English language as medium of instruction, are few in numbers. The Indian government emphasized in its New Education Policy the necessity for internationalisation including transnational education and double degree programmes. Experts from Germany and India presented their inputs regarding the current legal provisions and guidelines on this subject in both the countries.
Furthermore, representatives from universities provided useful insight on ongoing projects and the challenges they are facing in implementing double/joint degree programmes. The discussions during the meeting revealed the need for further exchange of ideas on the topic.

The DAAD regional office will take the discussions further and intends to organize follow up meetings and develop a guideline to ease the Indo-German university cooperation.

Download: Double Degree Programme Schedule 17 Sep 2021 (, 0)

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