Language and communication technologies provide natural ways of communicating with machines, other people, or with information repositories. This “computing with language(s)” is a rapidly growing field that draws on a unique mix of skills and approaches from multiple disciplines, across the humanities (e.g. linguistics, psychology) and technical sciences (e.g. computer science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, machine learning). It is therefore difficult for a single university to attain excellence across such a breath of disciplines and cover the full range of complex and diverse skills.

The “European Master Program in Language and Communication Technologies” (LCT) combines top expertise across Europe in order to

(A) provide world-class training in language and communication technologies with a broad multi-disciplinary basis;

(B) foster excellence for future generations of experts and leaders in LCT research and innovation;

(C) become a bridge and facilitator between academia and industry in the European higher education area;

(D) empower members from vulnerable groups and regions with social/economic challenges as LCT experts and leaders.

The LCT Consortium of seven universities jointly implements an academic curriculum that consists of  core modules developing common LCT competences shared by all graduates; specialized modules (new from 2019: three tracks with different pre-requisites and preparing for different careers Digital Language Resources; Natural Language Algorithms and Applications; Language Data Science);  Free choice and soft skills courses to acquire additional expertise; obligatory internship; and jointly supervised master thesis.  Students study one year each at two universities of the consortium, acquire 120 ECTS credits and after successful completion of all requirements obtain a double master degree accompanied by a joint diploma supplement. The awarded degrees are officially recognized and accredited in the issuing countries. The language of instruction is English. The alumni of the LCT program are sought after in academia and industry worldwide.

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