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Postgraduate Certificate Program “Roads to Democracies – Digital: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics, Society and Culture” (Full-/part-time)

This online based postgraduate certificate program is catered to an international audience of students and working professionals striving to improve their academic skills by attaining specialized knowledge and professional competencies that will enrich their practical field work. It is specifically tailored towards students who are seeking a flexible e-learning setting that will complement their individual circumstances, like working or taking care of a family.
We offer you a highly academic education and additionally voluntary and free of charge community-building events. This combination will allow you to have an on-campus feeling and student life experience while studying online from home.

Applying academic knowledge to practical field work

With its multidisciplinary approach, this digital postgraduate certificate program will enable you to fully grasp and analyze diverse arrays of political developments and current events going on in our world. It will provide insight into relevant research methodologies, democratic theories and contemporary data from empirical studies and social-historical contexts that will facilitate understanding democratic functions more broadly.

The University of Siegen and its international network

The University of Siegen maintains 325 international partnerships and hosts 2.410 enrolled international students from more than 100 different countries. Our international network of researchers and lecturers teaching in our digital program, will enrich your learning experience with valuable international perspectives, which further adds to the overall diversity of our program.

Admission Requirements and Application

The online postgraduate certificate program “Roads to Democracies – Digital” is open in the academic year 2021/22. It is comprised of three different certificates, each of them offering two classes. Teaching language is English.

Find out more on the admission and application.

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