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Dr Katja Lasch, Director, DAAD Regional Office New Delhi and Director, DWIH New Delhi
Kanchi Arora, Executive Assistant to the Director

Apoorv Mahendru, Deputy Director and Head – Marketing

Shikha Sinha, Senior Advisor – International Cooperation

Aditi Gosavi, Senior Advisor – Communication and Public Relations

Anuroopa Dixit, Programme Officer
PhD, KOSPIE, EPOS, PPGG Scholarships

Pooja Midha, Programme Officer
In-Region, RISE, HSK Scholarships

Naina Narke, Programme Officer
Alumni Affairs, German Studies, Research Stay Scholarships

Ishika D’Monty, Programme Officer
Information about Studying in Germany, WISE Scolarships

Neha Jain, Head – Administration and Finance

Pradeep Singh Gusain, Officer – IT, Finance and Administration

Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Officer – Administration

Domnick Dass, Maintenance Technician and Driver

Malaiarasan, Office Assistant

Kombu Raj, Office Assistant

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